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Sustainable development projects, RDs for energy recovery by renewable resources.

Environmental technologies, monitoring tools and efficient construction projects are supoorted.

New products and services are coming up. Event info Autumn 2020



Consultancies in Civil Environmental Engineering, Surveying - PM & RDs for Sustainable Development.

There are useful products and services in projects for energy recovery, food protection, sustainable geospatial designs, monitoring, surveying utilities, project management tools, support at development projects ESPA, RDs.

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Useful products - RD's services & consultancies are provided in construction - project management and in surveying; civil - environmental; structural & geotechnical engineering design. (construction is our home).

New products and services are coming up that updates are available at e-shop web link

Autumn 2020



Sustainable geospatial solutions, useful utilities - RDs.

Green sustainable designs. Environmental health designs and monitoring tools for sustainability. You can contact us by email for efficient solutions to your needs, efficient project management, logistics & sustainable solutions.

Useful Services & Utilities. Autumn 2020

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Research book series

A relative journal book research series publication entitled "Emerging Environmental Technologies and Health Protection" (eethp) is available for research dessimination, sustainable development, efficient sustainable designs, social progress within successful green economy and health protection, for updates you can see the next web link,

Our location is in Greece, Athens, for more info please send email

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